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For the version of this quest given to characters who had completed this quest prior to Patch 3.1.0, see Quest:Clamlette Surprise (legacy).
Neutral 32 Clamlette Surprise
StartDirge Quikcleave
EndDirge Quikcleave
Requires Level 35) and Cooking (225
Experience5,550 XP
or 33Silver30Copper at Level 100
Rewards[Clamlette Magnifique]


Dirge Quikcleave wants you to get the following items:

10 Giant Eggs. You will find those on the Rocs wandering Tanaris or any other species of large bird.

10 pieces of Zesty Clam Meat. You can find those in clams, naturally!

20 pieces of Fine Aged Cheddar. Get thee to a cheesery!

Gather all of the items and return to Dirge.


Ever heard of a clamlette? Of course you haven't! It's my latest and greatest culinary masterpiece. Oh, <name>, just thinking about a clamlette makes my mouth water.

Unfortunately, I'm all out of supplies to make any! How about I make you a deal? You gather the supplies I need to make a clamlette and I'll teach you the finer points of exotic cuisine and I'll even throw in a couple of clamlettes to boot! Deal??

Here's what I need:


My cravings are going to be the end of me! Hurry, <name> - before I dip into my own supply.


You are in for a special treat, <name>. Watch and learn!

<Dirge begins to prepare clamlette surprise.>


You will learn to make:

Inv misc shell 03 [Clamlette Magnifique]



  • Where to get [Giant Eggs]: Rocs (level 41+) and Fire Rocs (level 43) in Tanaris are the most convenient source, but there are many large birds in other zones dropping Giant Eggs, too (e.g. Owlbeasts in Hinterlands, Winterspring and Felwood. WARNING: At level 35, it will be practically impossible to gather the eggs on your own as the lowest level creatures needed to be killed to drop these items is level 41. The best drop rates occur in the level 48-52 range. It is recommended to either purchase the eggs from the Auction House or have a higher level friend obtain them for you.

This quest could be completed by purchasing the required items off auction.

You must be level 35 and have a cooking skill of 225 to start this quest.

It should be noted that players who have farmed Bloodsail reputation in order to achieve that title will be unable to receive this quest until they hit unfriendly reputation again with Gadgetzan.

Patches and Hotfixes

  • 0300Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.1.0 (14-Apr-2009): Players no longer need to complete the Clamlette Surprise quest to gain Artisan cooking. The quest now offers the unique recipe, [Clamlette Magnifique]. If you already completed the quest, you can visit Dirge Quickcleave in Gadgetzan to learn this recipe (for free).
  • 0100WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.8.0 (10-Oct-2005): The minimum level for the Artisan Cooking quest line has been lowered to 35.

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