Find 10 pieces of Soft-shelled Clam Meat and bring it back to Mai'Lahii at Shadowprey Village.


You have the look of a fisherman, <class>! I love to fish - been fishing all my life. The best bait to use is soft-shelled clam meat; the fish just can't resist, you know what I mean? Up north you will find a wrecked ship off the coast. Soft-shelled clams are littered throughout the area. If you bring me back 10 pieces of soft-shelled clam meat, I will give you something in return.


I can't wait to go fishing with some fresh soft-shelled clam meat; did you bring me the 10 pieces of it I need?


Perfect mon, this is just what the witch doctor told me to do for my headache. He says, "Mai'Lahii - go fish. It'll make you feel better" Well, I feel better already, thanks mon!


You receive one of the following
Inv belt 34
Inv belt 21


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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