Quest:Claiming Arathi Basin (level 59)

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For other versions, see Quest:Claiming Arathi Basin.
Alliance 32 Claiming Arathi basin
StartAlliance Brigadier General
EndAlliance Brigadier General
Requires Level 51
CategoryArathi Basin
Rewards+378 Honor

Objectives Edit

Bring 3 Arathi Basin Marks of Honor to an Alliance Brigadier General outside the battlegrounds.

Description Edit

Winning a war is about more than just outsmarting and outfighting your opponent. Victory often comes down to simply producing more than your enemy.

What we have in Arathi Basin is a sizeable supply of resources for whichever side manages to claim it first.

If the Alliance comes out victorious, it'll mean more swords and pikes for our troops. If the Horde were to win, those swords and pikes would still get made, they'd just be pointed at us! Now is the time to help the Alliance in Arathi Basin, <name>.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 90Silver

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