Quest:Chug and Chuck! (Horde)

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Horde 32 Chug and Chuck!
StartBizzle Quicklift
EndBizzle Quicklift
Requires Level 1
Rewards10x [Brewfest Prize Token]


Use the Inv drink 08 [Complimentary Brewfest Sampler] to hit S.T.O.U.T. 5 times, then talk to Bizzle Quicklift.


Those pesky Dark Irons are back! We need to make sure that you can defend yourself if needed. More importantly, we need to know that you can defend our property!

S.T.O.U.T. here is ready for action, are you? Drink from the Complimentary Brewfest Samplers then throw the mug at S.T.O.U.T.! Hit the target 5 times then talk to me.


You will receive:
Inv misc coin 01
10x [Brewfest Prize Token]


Chug from the mug, then chuck the mug at S.T.O.U.T. I think he can withstand the pounding. I wouldn't have stol.. er... built him if he couldn't!


Wow... S.T.O.U.T. didn't break... Hmm... Who would have guessed?

I mean, hey, you did it! Your aim is true, or at least true enough to help guard the camp. I think you're ready now to take on the Dark Irons if they show up again.

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