Objectives Edit

Bring 25 Argent Dawn Valor Tokens to Quartermaster Breechlock at Light's Hope Chapel, Eastern Plaguelands.

Description Edit

<Brother/Sister> <name> - your deeds on behalf of the Argent Dawn are far too numerous to be recounted easily. As a fitting tribute, I'll part with one of our special Chromatic Mantles of the Dawn - a version that protects the wearer from all forms of resistible magic simultaneously. Chromatic Mantles of the Dawn are reserved for only the mightiest of the Dawn's heroes! Bring to me twenty-five valor tokens as a sign of tribute, and I'll give you the finest of all our mantles.

Reward Edit

You receive
Inv misc gem variety 02

Progress Edit

Salutations, mighty <class>!  Have you brought the valor tokens I asked of you?  Once you hand them to me, I will issue you your own Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn.

Completion Edit

Most impressive, <name> - the Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn is now yours! As long as you maintain Exalted status with the Argent Dawn, you will be able to purchase additional Chromatic Mantles.  They will be made available to you immediately from any of the Dawn's quartermasters.

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