This is one of the Winterspring buff quests. It rewards characters with an elixir giving +15 Frost resistance for a period of 10 minutes.

Objectives Edit

Bring three Chillwind E'ko to Witch Doctor Mau'ari.

Details Edit

The Chillwind E'kos can be found from Chillwind Ravagers, Chillwind Chimaeras and Fledgling Chillwinds in the surrounding area.

Description Edit

In Winterspring, you will fight great flying creatures called da Chillwind. These beasts possess da power ta wield frost magics. If you wish ta gain resistance ta frost, bring me da E'ko you find from da Chillwind.

Rememba, you must have the Cache of Mau'ari in your inventory if you want ta hunt for E'ko.

Completion Edit

Mau'ari can derive da juju for <name>... Use da Cache of Mau'ari to cast dis upon yourself or your allies.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

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