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Alliance 32 Chicken Clucking for a Mint
StartInnkeeper Firebrew
EndInnkeeper Firebrew
Requires Level 10
Rewards[Ironforge Mint]

Completing this quest gains you an item required to complete Official alliance mini-icon [10] Hallow's End Treats for Jesper!

Objectives Edit

Do a chicken emote at Innkeeper Firebrew[18.6, 51.4], and in exchange you'll receive an Ironforge Mint!

  • Cluck like a chicken for Innkeeper Firebrew

Description Edit

Ah, trick-or-treating on behalf of a child, are we? I was going to say, you're a little old to be rummaging about for candies...

Well, for my treat - an Ironforge Mint - you will need to... cluck like a chicken! Yes, chickens love mints... well OK, maybe they don't LOVE them... but I won't give you a mint unless you chicken cluck for me!

Well <class>, are you up to the challenge or not?! Time to earn your treat!

Progress Edit

I'm waiting...


Too funny!  Well done, <name>!  Here's your treat.

Happy Hallow's End!


You will receive:

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