Quest:Checking on the Boys

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Alliance 32 Checking on the Boys
StartMountaineer Stormpike
EndMountaineer Rharen
Requires Level 18
Experience80-780 XP
or  at Level 100
Reputation+75 Ironforge

Objectives Edit

Travel to the Wetlands and speak to Mountaineer Rharen near Dun Algaz.

Description Edit

I'm sure you've seen just how bad the damage to the Loch is by now. The damage spreads further than that, I'm afraid; all that water had to go somewhere, and it went down into the Wetlands.

There's a lot of fine dwarves down there trying to help out, and they need supplies. That's why I sent two of my mountaineers ahead with a cask of ale along the path into the Wetlands.

I haven't heard back from them since they set off down the road to Dun Algaz. Would you mind checking up on them?

Completion Edit

Ah, well met, <class>.

Stonesmirk sent you? About the keg? Hoo boy...

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 6Silver

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