Objectives Edit

Go to the top of the northern tower in Desolation Hold and help Warlord Bloodhilt "Relieve" Gar'dul of command.

  • Go to the Top of the Tower
  • Gar'dul "Relieved" of Command

Description Edit

When Bloodhilt arrives, I'd like to - ah - talk in private. Can you accompany me to make sure things stay on the level? This Bloodhilt is a, ah, he's a, he's a loose cannon.

<Gar'dul tries to compose himself.>

Meet me atop the northern tower and we'll talk with Bloodhilt together.




You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv chest mail 19
[Gar'dul's Armor]
Inv gauntlets 116
[Gloves of Desolation Hold]
Inv pants cloth 39
[Breeches of Authority]
Inv weapon rifle 04
[Loose Cannon]

You will also recieve: 35Silver

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