Thassarian aboard the Skybreaker wants you to go to Aldur'thar and defeat Overseer Faedris, Overseer Savryn, Overseer Veraj, and Overseer Jhaequon.


Based on your report, and my knowledge of the Cult, they have an overseer managing the operation of each encampment on the gate.

While taking their leaders down will only be a temporary setback, it will at least slow them down and keep them off-balance. And that, <race>, is a worthy enough goal for now.

Seek out these overseers and return to me when they have been dispatched.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv helmet 125
[Cultist's Cowl]
Inv chest leather 06
[Jhaeqon's Tunic]
Inv boots chain 06
[Savryn's Muddy Boots]
Inv chest plate14
[Cultbreaker's Chestguard]


Yes, <class>?


Well done, <race>. But don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. They'll have those overseers replaced in no time...



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