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Neutral 32 Carnival Boots
Requires Level 1
CategoryDarkmoon Faire
ReputationDarkmoon Faire +250
Rewards1 x [Darkmoon Faire Prize Ticket]


We at the Darkmoon Faire do much walking. We walk from one faire site to another... in fact, you'll never see us sitting down on the job! So it is no surprise that we wear out quite a lot of boots! We need boots that are both durable and stylish, and embossed leather boots fit that bill rather well.

You! You're a leatherworker; make me embossed leather boots and I'll give you a Darkmoon Faire ticket for the work.


Thank you, <name>. These are quite well made. The craftsmanship is top notch! Here is a Darkmoon Faire ticket... enjoy, sir.

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Quest factionNeutral +
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