Objectives Edit

Speak to Chieftain Ashtotem at Camp Winterhoof.

Description Edit

In my travels as a courier, I've seen a number of strange denizens of the Howling Fjord, but one group stands out. From a distance, they look like tauren, but upon closer inspection, they're quite different -- sturdier and shaggier.

I found one of their settlements far to the north, beyond Halgrind, Skorn, and the northern forests. Camp Winterhoof, it's called, and it sits in the foothills of Gjalerhorn near the border with Grizzly Hills. Make contact with them, and see if they might be of use to us.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 45Silver

Completion Edit

<The chieftain listens as you introduce yourself.>

I am Chieftain Ashtotem, and my people are the taunka, and I will speak truly, outsider. Among my people, trust is earned, not given. You have my leave to walk among them and offer your assistance. Time grows short and some of them may welcome even an outsider's help with their preparations.

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