Call to Arms (3) is the final step in the Hammer May Fall quest chain that starts with Tallow in Tarren Mill.

Objectives Edit

Kill 7 Boulderfist Shaman and 3 Boulderfist Lords and return to Horde 15 Drum Fel in the Hammerfall outpost.

Description Edit

The head of the beast is ready to be taken off... with great force, <name>. You have shown every sign that you are able to help us with this final mighty blow. The leaders of these attacks have made their lair within the ruins of Stromgarde, a glaring symbol of human frailty.

Find and slay those Boulderfist lords and their lackey shaman who would try and drive us from these lands.

Completion Edit

You do your people proud, <name>. The threat has been greatly lessened, and I am sure we will begin to thrive here in the Highlands.

Rewards Edit

You will have a choice of the following:

Inv weapon shortblade 18
Inv axe 06

You will also receive: 50Silver

Quest progressionEdit

Patch changes Edit

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