Quest:Call to Arms (1)

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Horde 32 Call to Arms
StartDrum Fel [74, 33]
EndDrum Fel [74, 33]
Requires Level 30
CategoryArathi Highlands
Experience260-2,550 XP
or  at Level 100
ReputationOrgrimmar +250
PreviousThe Hammer May Fall
NextCall to Arms (2)

Call to Arms is the second step in the Hammer May Fall quest chain that starts with Official horde mini-icon Tallow in Tarren Mill.

Objectives Edit

Slay 10 Witherbark Axe Throwers, 10 Witherbark Headhunters, and 8 Witherbark Witch Doctors.

Description Edit

The Witherbark trolls and Boulderfist ogres of Arathi are working together to rid us from this land, but we shall not meet our fates at their, or anyone else's, hand. We will slay them and show them that we, too, have a home here.

The trolls turned their backs to us; the ogres would use us for food and bedding if we allowed them to--these things shall not be.

We start our attack on the Witherbark trolls to the south of here. Slay them in droves, and only return when their camps run thick with blood.

Progress Edit

If you have not yet completed my task, then perhaps you are a coward in heart as well as a tyro in war.

Completion Edit

The signs of war are upon your garments, and sweat drips from your brow. Good, very good indeed.

Quest progressionEdit

Patch changes Edit

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