Speak with Farseer Nobundo at the Crystal Hall inside the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle.


I'm sensing that it's been a while since last you were tested. This is because Farseer Nobundo has been asking for you.

You must have grown greatly in wisdom because you are being called to learn the mysteries of the element of water.

I trust that you remember how to take the boat from Auberdine in Darkshore on Kalimdor back to the Exodar? And that you remember where to find the farseer at the Crystal Hall inside the Exodar, yes?


We meet again. I have been watching your progress from afar, Shaman, and I am pleased.

The time has come for you to commune with the element of water, to learn its mysteries and give yourself over to the water so that you might in turn learn to master it.



This quest can also be started from here.

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