You are asked to find Aqueous in the Hidden Reef at Bloodmyst Isle. He is deep underwater North of the waterfall in the northern area of Bloodmyst Isle. Travel North-north-west from Blood Watch.

Objectives Edit

Speak with Aqueous in the Hidden Reef at Bloodmyst Isle.

Description Edit

A powerful water elemental named Aqueous has requested your presence. It would seem that there is a great imbalance occurring in the water element on Bloodmyst Isle. Not surprising given the unnatural predilections of the blood elves.

You will find Aqueous in a hidden reef under the waves off the northern shore of Bloodmyst Isle.

Take this potion; it can help you to get to her once you get into the water near the reef.

Completion Edit

Do not fear, <name>. While you are here we will speak using our minds.

I am grateful to Farseer Nobundo for sending you to me. There is a great disturbance that is polluting the waters on and around Bloodmyst Isle. Not even the blind would fail to notice the effect this is having on its creatures and the environment.

You and I will work together to stop this corruption before it spreads further.

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