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Bring 1 Fire Tar and 1 Reagent Pouch to Telf Joolam in Durotar.

Items Needed:

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But you did not come here for a history lesson, did you? You came for the Eternal Flame and fire totem.

The first step is to create a sapta and bind you to the flame.

I can create the fire sapta for you if you bring me two items. The first is fire tar, a simple item usually carried by Razormane spellcasters in eastern Barrens.

The second item will be more dangerous: a reagent pouch from one of the cultists of the Burning Blade. You can find them in a cave above the ravines northeast of Razor Hill.

Details Edit

  • The Fire Tar can be found on any of the spellcasting Razormane quillboars in the Barrens: Geomancers, Seers, Water Seekers, Mystics, and Thornweavers.
  • The Reagent Pouch drops from the Burning Blade cultists in Dustwind Cave north of Razor Hill. This is not the Skull Rock cave which is east of Orgrimmar's main gate. Leave Razor Hill and head north following along the top of the ravine's east edge. You'll eventually find the cave at coordinates [52, 29]

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Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Call of Fire
  2. Call of Fire (2)
  3. Call of Fire (3)
  4. Call of Fire (4)
  5. Call of Fire (5)

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