Quest:Call of Earth (Mulgore 3)

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Horde 32 Call of Earth (Mulgore 3)
StartMinor Manifestation of Earth
EndSeer Ravenfeather
Requires Level 4
Experience450 XP
or 2Silver70Copper at Level 110
RewardsYou will learn:
Stoneskin Totem
You will receive:
Earth Totem
PreviousCall of Earth (Mulgore 2)

Pre-Requisites Edit

Task Edit

Bring the Rough Quartz to Seer Ravenfeather in Camp Narache.

Take this rough quartz from me and bring it to Seer Ravenfeather as proof of our meeting. She will craft a totem for you, and this pebble will be the heart of it. As small as it may seem, you will come to find that size does not matter, and that even the smallest of things can outlast mountains.

Be patient, <name>. Remain strong. And seek wisdom. This is what earth asks of you. In the end, you shall become one with the earth--respect it as it shall respect you.

Provided: Rough Quartz

Reward Edit

Quest Chain Edit

Notes Edit

  • The Earth Totem is needed to cast any Earth-based totem. Always keep this in your inventory.

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