Quest:Call of Earth (Mulgore)

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Horde 32 Call of Earth (Mulgore)
StartSeer Ravenfeather
EndSeer Ravenfeather
Requires Level 4
Experience160-270 XP
or  at Level 110

Pre-Requisites Edit

Must be a Shaman

Task Edit

Bring 2 applications of Ritual Salve to Seer Ravenfeather in Camp Narache.

The time has come, young <class>. Your body ages and grows strong, and your spirit endures like the earth. I see it within you-you have wisdom already.

The earth guides our people, and it speaks to us, as it will to you in time. But you must be tested. If you are ready, then you shall see things only our kind know of.

Seek out the Bristleback shamans in their ravine to the east, and take from them a salve they use in their rituals. Return to me only when you have enough for your own potion.

Reward Edit

  • 160-270 XP

Quest Chain Edit

Notes Edit

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