Objective Edit

Deliver the Earth Crystal to Firmanvaar at the Crash Site in Ammen Vale.

Description Edit

I will now give you a piece of my physical being that you may create your earth totem. Return it to he who sent you here.

You and I will be bound together for all time. Throughout your life the forces of earth will be at your disposal. The balance will come when your bones return to us at the end of your days.

Use our power wisely.

Rewards Edit

You will learn

You will also receive:

Progress Edit

Together, the Broken and the draenei will regain a deeper understanding of the mysteries that the elements hold.

Have you returned with that which is necessary for the creation of your earth totem?

Completion Edit

You have done well, <name>. In helping to restore the balance of the elements at the grove, you have also created a balance between the earth element of this world and the draenei. Perhaps this will help to bring understanding to those amongst us who do not approve of our ways?

I will create for you a totem through which you will be able to call on the power of earth to do your bidding. And with time, more of the mysteries of earth will be revealed to you.

Now, take your totem, shaman.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 450 XP (or 2Silver 70Copper at level 70)

Quest ProgressionEdit

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