Quest:Call of Earth (Alliance) (2)

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Alliance 32 Call of Earth
StartSpirit of the Vale
EndSpirit of the Vale
Requires Level 4
Experience360 XP
or 2Silver16Copper at Level 110
PreviousCall of Earth (1)
NextCall of Earth (3)

Call of Earth is the first Shaman quest chain for the draenei. For the second part, you must kill 4 Restless Spirit of Earth.

Objectives Edit

Slay 4 Restless Elements of Earth and then return to the Spirit of the Vale at the Sacred Grove in Ammen Vale.


Details Edit

The Restless Spirit of Earth are found right behind the Spirit of the Vale.

Description Edit

The balance of the elements has been disrupted by the violent intrusion of the draenei to the Vale. Your crash has caused the spirits of earth to be enraged and turn upon the other elements who have come to quell them. You will learn that an understanding of the elements can only come when all are in harmony.

Thus, it falls to you to seek a balance. Behind me in the grove you will find the restless spirits of earth warring upon the other three elements. Help restore the balance.

Quest Progression Edit

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