In Buzzbox 411, you must collect [Thresher Eyes] for the gnome Wizbang Cranktoggle, which will allow him to fix this Buzzbox. You must have completed Buzzbox 827 in order to obtain this quest.

Objectives Edit

Bring 3 [Thresher Eyes] to Buzzbox 411 in Darkshore.

You will need:

Details Edit

The coordinates for Buzzbox 411 are [42, 28].

[Thresher Eyes] drop from Threshers off the coast of Darkshore – you can find them easily by swimming around outside of Auberdine. They look like Plesiosaurs.

Description Edit

A tiny voice crackles from deep within the machine.

"Wizbang here! The next Buzzbox is north of Auberdine, on the beach

So, that Buzzbox is number 411 and it needs 3 Thresher Eyes for its repairs. They're just off the coast! The darkshore threshers... *Hic*... Sorry about that...

Just like last time, when you give the Buzzbox the goods, it'll spit out your reward. *Hic*... What? No, I'm fine!"

Reward Edit

You will be rewarded with the following:

  • 10Silver
  • 120-1150 XP

Progress Edit

The machine's hatch is open and it seems to wait expectantly for 3 Thresher Eyes to be placed inside.

Completion Edit

The Buzzbox hums to life soon after you place the Thresher Eyes inside. There is a moment of static before you hear a familiar tiny voice call out.

"Crawler wine is the best..." *hic*

"What? Oh, you fixed it already? Wow, you're a fasht one. Sho, would ya like to fix another?"

You believe you hear a liquid being poured into a cup, followed by loud gulping sounds.

Quest ProgressionEdit

  1. Alliance 15 [10] Buzzbox 827
  2. Alliance 15 [12] Buzzbox 411
  3. Alliance 15 [14] Buzzbox 323
  4. Alliance 15 [16] Buzzbox 525

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