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Neutral 32 Burn Victims
StartCaptain Irontree
EndCaptain Irontree
Experience69,400 XP
or 4Gold16Silver39Copper at Level 110
Reputation+250 Guardians of Hyjal
Rewards16Gold 54Silver
2 x Inv misc markoftheworldtree [Mark of the World Tree]
PreviousThrough the Gates of Hell

Objectives Edit

Heal 8 Wounded Hyjal Defenders.

  • Wounded Hyjal Defender saved (8)

Provided item:

Description Edit

We have warriors out in the field who are falling wounded, and many of our druids are too busy fighting to give them proper aid. I need you to go to the north, towards the Ashen Fields[47, 72], and tend their wounds at least enough that they can make it back to safety.

If you haven't any bandages or healing spells, I had Rayne put together this salve, which should prove sufficient to get them on their feet.


I saw several of our warriors make it back to safety shortly after you departed. It seems your efforts were quite effective. Thank you.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:


  • As the quest suggests, you can use healing spells if you are a healing class.

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Neutral 15 [85] Calling for Reinforcements
  2. Neutral 15 [85] Leyara
  3. Neutral 15 [85] Through the Gates of Hell and complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Marks of the World Tree] to continue. (150 marks at 14 per day + 15 from Through the Gates of Hell; does not count Ricket's Daily)
  4. Regrowth Dailies
  5. Molten Front Dailies
  6. Ricket's Daily (requires Additional Armaments and Well Armed completion)(one of the following)

Patches and hotfixes Edit

0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.2.0 (2011-06-28): Added.

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