Quest:Burial at Sea

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Horde 32 Burial at Sea
StartHellscream's Vanguard
EndImmobile Catapult
CategoryJade Forest
Experience69,400 XP
or 4Gold16Silver39Copper at Level 100
PreviousThe General's Edge
NextA Good Start
Thieving Little Chuckers
Forensic Science

Vanguard Remains


Impromptu burial at sea via catapult

Objectives Edit

Bring the 3 Vanguard Corpses to the Immobile Catapult at the Wreck of the Sky Shark.

  • Northeast Vanguard Remains Recovered
  • Southeast Vanguard Remains Recovered
  • Western Vanguard Remains Recovered

Description Edit

These savages are... ruthless.

They've dragged off our dying soldiers to be tormented in their camps. This is no way for our valiant brothers to die.

I shall join them soon enough, <class>. Please, out my mind at ease and their bodies to rest.

Find their remains at the camps surrounding the wreckage. Put them out of the reach of these creatures.

Completion Edit

Perhaps not the most dignified burial, but at least your fallen comrades won't be picked to pieces by these monkeys.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

Progression Edit

  1. Official horde mini-icon [85] The Art of War (old)
  2. Official horde mini-icon [85] Into the Mists (old)
  3. Official horde mini-icon [85] The General's Edge
  4. Complete all of the following:

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