Quest:Bride of the Embalmer

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Alliance 32 Bride of the Embalmer
StartLord Ello Ebonlocke
EndLord Ello Ebonlocke
Requires Level 20
Experience365 XP
or 2Silver18Copper at Level 100
Reputation+500 Darnassus
+500 Exodar
+500 Gnomeregan Exiles
+500 Ironforge
+500 Stormwind
Rewards[Mantle of Honor] and [Crest of Darkshire]
PreviousTranslation to Ello

Objectives Edit

Find Eliza's grave. Retrieve the Embalmer's Heart from her, then return to Ello Ebonlocke.

Description Edit

The Embalmer is a name told in one of our children's stories. He was a kindly alchemist, driven mad by the death of his wife, Eliza. To restore her, he used dark magic to place his own heart within the bosom of his dead spouse.

This revived Eliza...but it cursed her with a hunger for human flesh, forcing the Embalmer to keep her buried.

His heart is his power. Find his wife's grave, retrieve his heart, and bring it to me while it still beats. Do this and his power will be broken.

Rewards Edit

You will receive:
Inv misc questionmark
[Mantle of Honor]
Inv shield 05
[Crest of Darkshire]

Progress Edit

Have you yet found Eliza's grave? Do you have the Embalmer's heart?

Completion Edit

You've done it! The magic within his heart will be proof against the Embalmer's evil, and a powerful aegis over the town of Darkshire.

You have done a great thing for our people, <name>. Your name will remain in our annals forever.

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [21] The Hermit
  2. Alliance 15 [21] Supplies from Darkshire
  3. Alliance 15 [21] Ghost Hair Thread
  4. Alliance 15 [21] Return the Comb
  5. Alliance 15 [21] Deliver the Thread
  6. Alliance 15 [21] Zombie Juice
  7. Alliance 15 [22] Gather Rot Blossoms
  8. Alliance 15 [22] Juice Delivery
  9. Alliance 15 [22] Ogre Thieves
  10. Alliance 15 [22] Ghoulish Effigy
  11. Alliance 15 [22] Note to the Mayor
  12. Alliance 15 [22] The Embalmer's Revenge

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