Quest:Bracers of Binding

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Horde 32 Bracers of Binding
StartKeeper Bel'varil
EndKeeper Bel'varil
Requires Level 30
CategoryHillsbrad Foothills
Experience2,700 XP
or 16Silver19Copper at Level 100

Bracers of Binding is a quest to kill the Elemental Slaves of the Dalaran wizards and gather the bracers that bind the elementals to this world. It is best to do this quest at the same time as Dalaran Patrols, as their objectives overlap.

Objectives Edit

Bring 4 Bracers of Earth Binding to Keeper Bel'varil in Tarren Mill.

You will need:

Details Edit

Though this quest is marked as Hillsbrad Foothills, Dalaran is actually located in the Alterac Mountains. The bracers drop off the Elemental Slaves that wander the ruins of Dalaran.

Description Edit

The Magus will be busy studying those stone tokens you gathered, but I know he'll eventually want examples of their counterpart: bracers of binding. These are set around the wrists of actual elementals, and bind them into the mage's service.

Hunt elementals in the ruins of Dalaran and gather their Bracers of Earth Binding, and the Magus will be pleased.

Progress Edit

Hello, <name>. Elementals are tough quarry, but I know you're up to the task. Do you have those bracers of binding?

Completion Edit

You found them. I trust the elementals from which you removed these bracers were amenable?

Hm...death has not only stopped my heart, but robbed me of my comedic timing, it seems.

Well thank you, <name>. You serve the Magus, and hence the Dark Lady, well.

Reward Edit

You will receive: 35Silver

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