Objectives Edit

Bring 8 Torn Murloc Fins to Guard Thomas at the east Elwynn bridge.

Description Edit

The Stormwind Army has placed a bounty on murloc lurkers and foragers in Elwynn. Slaughter them and bring me their torn murloc fins, and the Stormwind Army will reward you well.

The murlocs have built a village at Stone Cairn Lake north of here, and another to the south where the stream forks.

Rewards Edit

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv weapon shortblade 05
Inv mace 01
Inv misc questionmark
Inv misc questionmark

Progress Edit

How goes the hunting, <name>?

Completion Edit

You have the fins? Great! Marshal Dughan is anxious about the Murloc situation in eastern Elwynn, and I'd like to tell him that it's becoming under control.

Your actions have helped realize that.

Notes Edit

To finish this quest you must collect 8 Torn Murloc Fins. Murlocs can be found at silver lake which is north west from goldshire or you can find murlocs at the south cairn lake but here murlocs are 2 or 3 levels higher but it shorter walk from the quest giver. The murlocs in silver lake are usually level 6 or they can be level 5 or 7.

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