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Neutral 32 Bottletoads
CategoryValley of the Four Winds
Experience111,000 XP
or 6Gold66Silver at Level 110
Rewards9Gold 80Silver

Gurgling Toadspawn

Objectives Edit

Scoop toad eggs from 8 Gurgling Toadspawn on the top level of the Pools of Purity.

  • Toad Eggs Scooped (8)

Provided item:

Description Edit

Have you heard about the crisis we're having at the pools?

Toads have moved in and are spawning like crazy! It's become a real problem for the lotus farmers.

Coincidentally, I make a jam out of gelatinous toadspawn. I call it "Bottletoads" and it's a big hit with the kids around here. Can't keep any in stock.

If you're heading to the pools, you'd be doing everyone a favor by uh... liberating some of those toad eggs.

Into this bottle. For me.

Just look for bubbles and scoop right in!

Completion Edit

Now when the kids ask: "Do you have Bottletoads?" I can say YES!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 111000 XP
  • 9Gold 80Silver

Progression Edit

Complete the following parallel quests; the last four should be completed together:

Patch changes Edit

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