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Neutral 32 Borak, Son of Oronok
StartOronok Torn-heart
EndBorak, Son of Oronok
Requires Level 68
CategoryShadowmoon Valley
Experiencenot XP
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Find Borak hiding near Eclipse Point, far to the south. He watches from the shadows of the bridge.


To find Borak with no coordinates:

Seen from above: On the northern border of Eclipse Point there is a small pond of greenish magma. A small torrent runs up north-east from it then turns north. There it's crossed by a bridge. Borak is waiting on the western side of the bridge.

Walking/Running/riding: Simply follow the road south Shadowmoon Village. It will turn west after The Deathforge. Keep following south-west on the road until you cross a bridge, there is Borak waiting for you.

To find Borak with coordinates: 47.5,57.3


Borak, Son of Oronok

Borak, Son of Oronok

While Ar'tor was off hunting and Grom'tor was off fighting, Borak studied. Eventually he took up a vocation as a scholar and left for the wilds of Draenor. He returned home a few years ago a changed orc.

His heightened sense of awareness and mental acuity had forged a silent assassin.

Now a confident and powerful orc, he has taken to recovering the most guarded piece of the cipher.

Find Borak hiding near Eclipse Point, far to the south. He watches from the shadows of the bridge.


<Borak is silent for a moment.>

I've been watching these blood elves for weeks now, trying to get a lock on where they've hidden the third part of the Cipher of Damnation.

Thus far, I've been unsuccessful in gathering any clues. The only thing I do know is that Illidan sends an envoy from the Black Temple here once a day.

This envoy is untouchable. I've shadowed him for a week, trying to figure out how to separate him from his bodyguard. Unfortunately, the bodyguard never leaves his side.

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