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Horde 32 Bones and Arrows
StartVieron Blazefeather
EndVieron Blazefeather
Requires Level 78
TypeWeekly PvP
Rewards[Stone Keeper's Shard]x10
7Gold 40Silver

Objectives Edit

Lieutenant Vieron Blazefeather at Wintergrasp Fortress wants you to retrieve 10 Quivers of Dragonbone Arrows from Alliance players in the Forest of Shadows.

Description Edit

Why would they set me to the task of arming our archers? I was a poet, not a ranger! Well, no use complaining. <name>, I am in need of dragon bone for our arrowheads.

Travel to the Forest of Shadows on the western side of Wintergrasp. Ever since the last skirmish, the Alliance have been scavenging dragon bones in the area. Slay them and take the bones.

If that fails, you might be lucky and get one from the spirits in the area. I hear they love to impale their living victims on the bones as they die.


Back so soon? Drat, I was hoping to catch a moment's rest.


Well, I guess its another night of sharpening bones for me. Why didn't I stay in Silvermoon City like my brother?

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