Objectives Edit

Bowyer Randolph at Wintergrasp Fortress wants you to retrieve 10 Quivers of Dragonbone Arrows from Horde players at the Forest of Shadows.

Description Edit

Dragons are incredible! Well, their bones at least! I've been equipping our archers with arrowheads made of Dragonbone. Unfortunately, since the massacre at Angrathar, it has become almost impossible to get bone from Dragonblight.

However, the Forest of Shadows on the western edge of Wintergrasp has enough bones to tide us over.

Head to the Forest of Shadows and bring back any bone splinters you can find!

The Horde have been seen collecting bone splinters in the area. Slay them!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver (+ 13Gold 23Silver at level 80)
Inv misc platnumdisks
10x [Stone Keeper's Shard]


How was the hunting? I've heard rumors the place is haunted, though I never venture out there myself.


Excellent! This will help fuel the flames of war for days to come.

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