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Neutral 32 Bone Collector
StartBibbly F'utzbuckle
EndBibbly F'utzbuckle
Requires Level 33
Experience2,250 XP
or 13Silver50Copper at Level 110
Rewards[Kodobone Necklace]

Objectives Edit

Bring 10 Kodo Bones from the Kodo Graveyard to Bibbly F'utzbuckle at Kormek's Hut.

Quest Text Edit

We're sitting on a goldmine here, I tell you - a goldmine! Kodo bones will change the world forever... I have customers making furniture, music instruments, and even blasting powder out of them.

There's a caravan that comes by and picks up my kodo bones and then sells them at Shadowprey Village. If you can travel to the kodo graveyard south of here and bring me ten kodo bones, I'll give you something in return. Is it a deal?


Ah, goodie! My bones!

I can't wait till the chaps at home see my face on the front cover of Goblin'peneur. I'll be the richest goblin in the world... and my physical education teacher said I would never amount to anything.


You will receive:


Notes Edit

The bones are looted by opening the Kodo Bones chest-like items around the Kodo Graveyard which look like a kodo skull on the ground. Some of them are trapped and spawn a level 38 (sometimes 39) Kodo Apparition that will attack you.

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