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Horde 32 Blown Away
Requires Level 10
Experience1,500 XP
or 9Silver at Level 110
Rewards[Horde Balloon]
12Silver 00Copper
For the Alliance 15 Alliance version, see Alliance 15 [20] Blown Away.

Blown Away is a quest given by Jaga, a child Orc in the Valley of Wisdom of Orgrimmar.

Objectives Edit

Jaga wants you to collect 5 Windswept Balloons in Orgrimmar.

Description Edit

Please, <mister/miss>, you just gotta help me!

My pa brought me a bunch of balloons from the Darkmoon Faire. Best... gift... EVER! They're magical, you know, and never lose their floatiness!

There's just one thing...

A big ol' gust of wind blew 'em right outta my hands. They're scattered all over Orgrimmar!

I'd chase after 'em myself, but this city's so big I'd get lost for sure.

Can you round 'em up for me before they float away?


Rewards Edit

You will receive: 15Silver
Achievement pvp h 16
1x [Horde Balloon]

Progress Edit

Did you find all my balloons, <mister/miss>?

Completion Edit

This is GREAT! You did it!

Thanks, mister!

Gains Edit

  • 1,550 experience XP

Notes Edit

Balloons are found around the roads in Orgrimmar.

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