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Horde 32 Bloodscalp Insight
StartNemeth Hawkeye
EndNemeth Hawkeye
Requires Level 30
Experience270-2,700 XP
or  at Level 110
ReputationSilvermoon City +250
PreviousHorde 15 [34] An Unusual Patron

Prerequisites Edit


Objectives Edit

Nemeth Hawkeye at Grom’gol Base Camp wants you to bring him a Bloodscalp Totem from a Bloodscalp Shaman.

Quest Text Edit

Well met, <class>. I’ve made a habit of studying the fighting techniques of the various troll tribes in my travels, and I’ve noticed a trend. The Bloodscalp trolls at the Tkashi Ruins and Bai’lal Ruins to the north use some of the same tactics as the Amani of the northern forests.

Their magic seems to have diverged in an interesting direction and they’ve used it to become the strongest tribe in the area. It could form the core of a powerful weapon against the Amani, but first I must find out more about it.

Details Edit

North of Grom'gol are the troll ruins of Tkashi and Bai'lal. The Bloodscalp Shaman are located in and around the ruins. They drop the quest item (Bloodscalp Totem), but you may have to kill a few to get it.

Reward Edit


Quest ProgressionEdit

Additional Notes Edit

This quest was added with patch 2.0.1, "Before the Storm".

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