Objectives Edit

Acquire 15 [Bloodscalp Ear]s and return them to Kebok in Booty Bay.

Description Edit

Damn trolls! They've been killing off our agents in the jungle! I've already lost a good number of my best guards to skirmishes with them. The costs are piling up! How will I explain this to Baron Revilgaz?

Decisive action... Think, Kebok... you weren't assigned to the post you have today for sitting around... I've got it! You... <name>, is it? You'll help me, won't you? There's money to be had!

Here's the deal... you bring me the ears of fifteen Bloodscalp Trolls, and I'll compensate you well.

Rewards Edit

Progress Edit

You've had success I hope? All over the place, those trolls. Filthy devils.

Oh yes, that reminds me! Be sure to tell your friends, yes? We could use much assistance!

Completion Edit

Oh excellent, excellent. That'll help a little, for the present...

<He trails off, grumbling about profit margins and costs...>

What? You're still here? Reward? Oh, right... of course, here, take this... it should be more than enough.

Quest progression Edit

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