In Blood Feeders, you must kill spiders near the village of Malaka'Jin to help protect the village's inhabitants from the giant creepy crawlies.

Objectives Edit

Xen'Zilla at Malaka'Jin needs you to kill 10 Deepmoss Creepers and 7 Deepmoss Venomspitters.


Details Edit

Pick up this quest from Xen'Zilla in Malaka'Jin village, located in the Stonetalon Mountains. His coordinates are 71,95.

The spiders can be found all around Stonetalon, if you are looking for the Deepmoss Creepers many can be found at 57,76: a cleft in the mountains with a canyon filled with spider webs. Be careful of the elite spider that lives here - you can get a quest to kill her from a sign post outside the canyon, called Arachnophobia (Group).

Description Edit

We Trolls here at Malaka'Jin have prospered from the land; Stonetalon Mountain offers great hunting for us to live on.

Lately, we have attracted the wrong dinner guests... the spiders in these mountains have been raiding our camps at night looking to steal our hunt.

If you were to help us kill off these ghastly beasts we at Malaka'Jin would be in your debt. Spiders are everywhere in Stonetalon - just head north from here and you will see what I am talking about.

Reward Edit

You will be rewarded with the following:

  • 11Silver

Progress Edit

Hey mon, have you slain the hairy blood feeders? I fear none here in Stonetalon but I don't go walking around here at night... if you know what I mean mon!

As long as I stay off their dinner plate then all is well.

Good luck to you, <class>!

Completion Edit

Sweet, mon! Good news, perhaps we will have fewer unwanted dinner guests tonight.

Many thanks, <name>. We are forever in your debt.

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