Objectives Edit

Use the [SGM-3] to destroy 6 Skybreaker Recon Fighters, then report back to Sky-Reaver Korm Blackscar aboard Orgrim's Hammer.

Provided Item:

Description Edit

The Alliance has somehow managed to field a squadron of recon vehicles over the Valley of Fallen Heroes and Icecrown Glacier, the broad areas west of Aldur'thar.

They cannot be permitted to take the lead in this fight. Chief Engineer Copperclaw has supplied me with the perfect weapon to deal with this threat -- he calls his new missile the SGM-3. I have his assurances that it will take out the Alliance flying machines in a single hit. Go and use this weapon to give us the upper hand.

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 40Silver

Completion Edit

Good. Fewer Alliance pests to stand in our way. We'll show them what true warriors look like.

Notes Edit

The fighters fly over the Valley of Fallen Heroes, northwest of Ymirheim, west of Aldur'thar, east of the rampart. This is a simple point and shoot quest, and they do not attack. The [SGM-3] does not need to be equipped to be fired.

As the fighters fly quickly enough to be hard to target, the following macro is useful in completing the quest:

#show SGM-3
/target skybreaker
/use SGM-3

Completing this quest opens a daily version, Horde 15 [80 Daily] Keeping the Alliance Blind.

Quest progression Edit

  1. Horde 15 [80] Raise the Barricades
  2. Horde 15 [80] Bloodspattered Banners

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