Quest:Blessing of Incineratus

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Neutral 32 Blessing of Incineratus
StartElementalist Lo'ap
EndElementalist Lo'ap
Requires Level 64
Experience11,000 XP
or 66Silver at Level 100
PreviousAgitated Spirits of Skysong
NextThe Spirit Polluted

Objectives Edit

Elementalist Lo'ap at the Throne of the Elements in Nagrand wants you to destroy the Large Hut, the Western Hut, the Southern Hut and the Eastern Hut at Windyreed Village.

Return the Living Fire to Elementalist Lo'ap when the task is complete.

Living Fire x 1 (provided)


  • Large Hut
  • Western Hut
  • Southern Hut
  • Eastern Hut

Details Edit

The huts are very close together, walk up the ramp into each hut and use the Living Fire to burn.

  • 72,50 Large Hut
  • 70,51 Western Hut
  • 71,53 Southern Hut
  • 72,54 Eastern Hut

Description Edit

The wretched Lost Ones, heretofore banished to the swamps of Zangarmarsh, are seeking to spread their filth to other parts of our world.

I have sought the wisdom of the furies and gained their blessing. To stop the source, we must unleash the elements upon them!

I give you living fire, plucked from the fiery essence of Incineratus himself. Travel to Windyreed Village, southeast of here, and unleash the living fire upon their huts! Let them see the fury of the elements!

Reward Edit

11000 experience or 6 gold 60 silver at level 70.

Progress Edit

With great shame I tell you that it is my own kin who seek to drudge up the waters of Nagrand and create marshland.

Completion Edit

Your efforts have stifled the spread of pollution but other troubles have surfaced.

Quest ProgressionEdit

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