Objectives Edit

Captain Goggath wants you to use Tweedle's Improvised Explosives to kill 20 Astranaar Sentinels and destroy 10 Astranaar Throwers.

Description Edit

So, Tweedle finally came through on those explosives, eh?

They couldn't have come at a better time. The elves of Astranaar are preparing to make a devastating assault on our camp as we speak.

Drop our new weapon on them from the skies! The destruction of Astranaar will be a dagger in the heart of night elves everywhere!

Speak with Thraka when you're ready to begin the assault.

Aim true, <class>.


Your deeds today shall live long in the Horde's glorious history.

Your efforts have dealt a devastating blow to the enemy!


You will receive:

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:

Inv hammer 08
[Preemptive Striker]
Inv staff goldfeathered 01
[Staff of Fiery Fate]
Inv pants 14
[Leggings of Hellscream's Watch]

External links Edit

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