Quest:Bingles' Missing Supplies

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Alliance 32 Bingles' Missing Supplies
StartBingles Blastenheimer[63, 47]
EndBingles Blastenheimer[63, 47]
Requires Level 12
CategoryLoch Modan
Experience1,050 XP
or 6Silver29Copper at Level 100
Reputation+250 Gnomeregan Exiles
Rewards[Bingles' Flying Gloves]
PreviousFind Bingles

Objectives Edit

Find and return Bingles' supplies:

Bingles' Wrench, Bingles' Screwdriver, Bingles' Hammer, and Bingles' Blastencapper.

Description Edit

As if crashing into the Loch wasn't bad enough, troggs from the nearby island attacked me and stole my tools and special Blastenheimer Blastencapper explosives. With no gyrocopter and no explosives, the movement has no chance!

Get my tools back and find my Blastencapper explosives, <name>. For Gnomeregan!

Progress Edit

<name>! Where are my things?!

Completion Edit

You've done the movement a great service, <name>. The troggs and leper gnomes infesting Gnomeregan will soon feel the brunt of a gnomish air assault!

Rewards Edit

You will receive:7Silver

You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv weapon rifle 09
[Gnomish All-Purpose Ray Gun]
Inv wand 14
[Mechanical Wand]
Inv staff 78
[Monte's Scythe]

You will also receive:3Silver 50Copper

Notes Edit

All four items are to be found on the northern island in the Loch, and the small island just west of it. The first three are all marked as Bingles' Toolbucket

Quest progression Edit

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