In Betrayed, you are sent by Belgrom Rockmaul in Orgrimmar to deliver a letter to Ag'tor Bloodfist in Azshara regarding the betrayal by the blood elf Magus Rimtori. He will give you further instructions. This quest could also be considered a pull quest into Azshara.

Objectives Edit

Deliver the [Sealed Letter to Ag'tor] to Ag'tor Bloodfist in Azshara.

You will need:

Details Edit

Pick up this quest from Belgrom Rockmaul in the Valley of Honor near the entrance to the large building (Hall of the Brave) at the center of the valley, coordinates 75:34.

Once you have the letter, you must travel to Azshara to deliver it. Ag'tor Bloodfist can be found in the horde camp Valormok, which is in the lower part of Azshara right up against the northern mountains. His coordinates are 22,51. Make sure to get the flight point while you are at the camp.

Description Edit

Betraying, thieving woman! That's what I call her--that's all she'll ever be!

I may have made a grave mistake, <name>. I trusted a blood elf. What's worse, I trusted a woman!

She claimed Azshara would hold great riches... powerful items. I simply send some warriors with her to protect her and I would be rewarded. Well, look who's the fool--she's killed them all.

I want vengeance, <name>, but I can't afford to send anyone else. Find Ag'tor at Valormok, north of the Haldarr Encampment. He'll tell you more.

Progress Edit

Ah, Belgrom wizened up and finally sent someone not in his ranks to aid us, did he?

This camp used to be a dozen warriors strong, <name>, but now they're all dead. That mage, Rimtori, has slain them all. She played Belgrom like a lute... seduced him even. It's none of my business, but between you and I, she is quite the temptress. That's probably why I'm still out here helping Belgrom--I probably would have done the same thing.

Completion Edit

We've sent everything we had at her and her workers, but they are strong in battle. None have bothered to return. I'm assuming some have died, but I'm sure others simply ran... cowards.

But now that reinforcements have arrived, perhaps there's still something we can do. Perhaps we can still punish her for lying and betraying Belgrom.

What do you say, are you in?

Quest progressionEdit

  1. Horde 15 [53] Betrayed
  2. Horde 15 [53] Betrayed (2)
  3. Horde 15 [56] Betrayed (3)
  4. Horde 15 [56] Betrayed (4)

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