Quest:Becoming a Spellfire Tailor

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Neutral 32 Becoming a Spellfire Tailor
StartGidge Spellweaver
EndGidge Spellweaver
Requires Level 60
CategoryTerokkar Forest
Experience9,800 XP
or 58Silver79Copper at Level 100
ReputationLower City +150

Objectives Edit

Bring a sample of Nether-wraith Essence to Gidge Spellweaver in Shattrath's Lower City.

  • WARNING!* You can only select one tailoring specialization.

Nether-wraith Essence
Nether-wraith Beacon (Provided)

Description Edit

I can teach you the ways of spellfire tailoring if you wish, but be warned, it's a dangerous pursuit.

Creating spellcloth in Netherstorm attracts powerful nether-wraiths. I'm searching for a way to lessen backlash, but I need more nether-wraith essence for my research.

Take this beacon with you to Netherstorm and use it to summon a nether-wraith. Bring back its essence and I'll agree to teach you. As a spellfire tailor, you'll receive twice as much cloth and have access to exclusive patterns.

Progress Edit

Did you get the nether-wraith sample?

Rewards Edit

You will learn: Spellfire Tailoring

Gains Edit

Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
9800 xp or 58Silver 50Copper at level 70.

+150 Lower City faction

Completion Edit

<Gidge examines the nether-wraith essence.>

Even this small a sample of the creature's essence radiates power. Perhaps I misunderstood what's happening. We're not angering the wraiths by taking energy from the environment. Rather, the wraiths and the environment are the same thing!

Don't hesitate to let me know if you make any further discoveries, now that you've become a spellfire tailor.


The easiest way to beat the nether-wraith is to use the beacon inside Area 52 (if you are friendly or above with them) in front of the two ogres standing guard outside the building. As soon as the nether-wraith spawns, the ogres will net him and start killing him. Make sure you get first hit and you can potentially get the drop for almost no work and no harm.

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