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Neutral 32 Battle-Mage Dathric
Start[Dathric's Blade]
EndCustodian Dieworth
Requires Level 68
Experience12,000 XP
or 72Silver at Level 110
Rewards7Gold 20Silver

Objectives Edit

Put Dathric's Spirit to Rest

You will need:

Description Edit

The sword is of exceptional quality, finely crafted and perfectly balanced for a battle-mage. The seal of the Kirin Tor and the name "Dathric" are engraved into the weapon's pommel.

Turning the weapon over in your hands, you notice a sense of wrongness radiating from the metal, as if the item is torn between two worlds. Could this be the item anchoring Battle-Mage Dathric's spirit to this world?

Perhaps returning it to its proper place can break the bond, freeing Dathric's spirit to rest at last.

Reward Edit

You will receive: 7Gold 20Silver

Details Edit

Dathric is located in the Town Hall and his house's location is 57,87. It's the only non-destroyed house so you can't see the weapon rack from the air (the house has a roof).

Completion Edit

You've done well, <name>. I can no longer sense any restlessness in Dathric's spirit. I would give much for the opportunity to speak to him one more time, but it is enough that he is finally at rest.

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