Bathran's Hair is a plant with restorative properties.

Objectives Edit

Collect 8 Bathran's Hair.

Description Edit

There is a plant that grows in the old ruins of Bathran's Haunt[31, 23] across the road to the east. The plant is called Bathran's Hair and is known to cure ailments of the spirit.

Now the Horde are there harvesting the plant for their own evil schemes.

There is a sick child in Astranaar, and we believe that her illness is more than just physical. I promised my master that I would help seek a cure, but I am no fighter.

Will you go to Bathran's Haunt and gather the plants?

Progression Edit

Have you gathered the Bathran's Hair, <name>? The child's health grows weaker by the hour....

Completion Edit

Ah, you have the hair! This is a good first step. There are other ingredients that we will need, but the hair of the fallen Ancient could well be the most important.

I only hope that whatever the Forsaken are devising from the plant will not be turned into a weapon. We simply do not have the numbers to remove them right now, especially with Maestra's Post under attack!

Quest ProgressionEdit


Like most plant/herb gathering objectives, these will show up on your minimap if you are an herbalist.

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