Quest:Barov Family Fortune (Alliance)

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Alliance 32 Barov Family Fortune
StartWeldon Barov
EndWeldon Barov
Requires Level 52
Experience14,300 XP
or 85Silver79Copper at Level 100
Rewards1Gold 80Silver
NextThe Last Barov

Objectives Edit

Venture to the Scholomance and recover the Barov family fortune. Four deeds make up this fortune: The Deed to Caer Darrow; The Deed to Brill; The Deed to Tarren Mill; and The Deed to Southshore. Return to Weldon Barov when you have completed this task.


My dear brother Alexi. What a fool I was to spare his life. I looked into the face of the enemy, one of the undead, and let him live.

<Weldon spits.>

He now searches for MY inheritance. This simply cannot happen.

Find my family's deeds before that vile retch gets his boney hands upon them and I shall reward you with vast riches. They lay in the ruins of the Scholomance. Make haste!


Ensure my future and I shall ensure yours.


There is but one more task that I must ask of you, <name>.


You will receive: 1Gold 80Silver


Quest progressionEdit

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [60D] Barov Family Fortune
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [60PvP] The Last Barov

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