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Horde 32 Barbaric Battlements
StartOrokk Omosh
EndOrokk Omosh
Requires Level 32
Experience260-2,550 XP
or  at Level 110

Pre-Requisites Edit

You need to be level 32 and 140 in Blacksmithing to get the quest.

Task Edit

Bring two Patterned Bronze Bracers, two Bronze Greatswords, and two Sharp Claws to Orokk Omosh in Orgrimmar.

Twenty generations of Omosh have held this hammer, <name>. A hundred thousand tons of metal we have molded. Tragically, it all ends at Orokk, failure of the Omosh: Without kin and incapable of producing offspring.

I cannot let the secret recipes of Omosh die with me! Someone must continue the legacy, Omosh or not!

Prove to Orokk you are capable, <name>. Bring for Orokk the following: Two patterned bronze bracers, two bronze greatswords, and two sharp claws. Bring them for Orokk and we shall continue.

Reward Edit

Quest Chain Edit

Notes Edit

  • The plans for the bracers and the Greatsword are learned from the trainer.
  • Sharp Claws are dropped by Cougars, Hyenas, Wyverns, and Harpies in Thousand Needles.
  • Before turning in this or the following quests, put into the bank any of the applicable "quest" items that may be enchanted or otherwise buffed, or he will take those first.
  • Breakdown of the materials needed:
34x Bronze Bar
17x Copper Bar
17x Copper Ore
17x Tin Bar
17x Tin Ore
4x Coarse Grinding Stone
8x Coarse Stone
4x Strong Flux
4x Medium Leather

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