Objectives Edit

Start a bar fight!

  • Bar Fight started!

Description Edit

Those no-good, smelly, green in the gills goblins have got it coming!

I want you to go into the Speedbarge Bar, order a bottle of grog, and hit one over the head with it!

Show them that we're not going to take any more of their insolence, <name>!

Rewards Edit

You will receive: 50Silver

Progress Edit

What? Are you deaf?

You need to go start that bar fight... now!

Completion Edit

That's the spirit! You're a real credit to the Alliance!

You know, you can go back in there and do that anytime you feel like it. I highly encourage you to do so!

Notes Edit

After first landing on the Speedbarge, this side quest opens up from Rizzle out on deck. Head to the stern of the ship, southwest, but before going up the ramp upstairs, take a left and enter the bar. Daisy, the bartender, is serving plenty of gnomish and goblin bar patrons.

A [Bottle of Grog] costs 20Silver, so buy one and smash it over the head of a nearby goblin!

On starting the fight:

Goblin Bar patron yells: <Name>!
Daisy lets the fight go on for a minute or so as the Brute Squad is called in!
Daisy yells: Break it up! The Brute Squad is coming!

Quest progression Edit

  1. Alliance 15 [40] To New Thalanaar (optional)
  2. Alliance 15 [40] The Grimtotem are Coming
  3. Alliance 15 [40] Two If By Boat
  4. Alliance 15 [40] Do Me a Favor?
  5. Alliance 15 [40] Down in the Deeps
  6. Side quests: Alliance 15 [40] In the Outhouse, Alliance 15 [40] Bar Fight
  7. Alliance 15 [40] Pirate Accuracy Increasing
  8. Alliance 15 [40] Circle the Wagons... er, Boats

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