Objectives Edit

Bring Jordan's Ore Shipment to Bailor Stonehand in Loch Modan.

Description Edit

Ach, ya startled me, <man/woman>! Can't ya see I was lost in thought?

What's that? Jordan's shipment... fer Ironforge. Ahhh, yeah, I know whatcha speak of. Mo'grosh ogres... dat's who took me ol' friend's ore shipment. Caravan was headin' here from the Wetlands and was ambushed. The guard who survived their attack just passed away a few days ago--healer couldn't get to 'em fast enough.

If you want the shipment, you'll have to head northeast across the Loch. It's got to be there somewhere.

Reward Edit

You will recieve
Inv crate 01

Progress Edit

So, any luck yet? Haha, those ogres didn't get the best of ya yet, did they?

Completion Edit

Yup yup, this is it. Ha! If I'd known you were really gonna head out there and fight some o' them ogres, I woulda given you a list of things to get instead of just this one thing. But, you're not here doin' business for me, are ya?.

A deal's a deal; Jordan wanted a shipment of me alloy, that's what he's gonna get.

Tell 'em hello fer me, and be safe, <class>.

Notes Edit

You must be on Alliance 15 Ui-charactercreate-classes paladin [20+] The Test of Righteousness (2) for this quest to be available to you.

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