Quest:Badlands Reagent Run (Horde)

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Horde 32 Badlands Reagent Run
StartJarkal Mossmeld
EndJarkal Mossmeld
Requires Level 36
Experience3,000 XP
or 18Silver at Level 100
ReputationDarkspear Trolls 250
NextOfficial horde mini-icon [39] Uldaman Reagent Run (Horde)ω τ ϖ


Bring 5 Buzzard Gizzards, 10 Crag Coyote Fangs, and 5 Rock Elemental Shards to Jarkal Mossmeld in Kargath, Badlands.


<name>, I could use your aid if you're up for it. I am an alchemist of some note, and I seek your aid in acquiring some reagents found out in the Badlands.
I need the following items to replenish my stocks: five buzzard gizzards, ten crag coyote fangs, and five rock elemental shards. Obviously, you can get them off of the beasties themselves; if you're not the fighting type, then find friends who are. Acquire these items for me, you'll get some coin out of the deal. Watcha wanna do?


Have you gotten the things I need yet?  You won't get paid unless you bring me those reagents.


Ah, well done!  These should last me for a little while, at least.  Here is your pay as promised.
If you're interested, I have some more reagents I could use.  These, however, are only found in the depths of the Uldaman excavation.  They will not be easy to get, but I will make it worth your while if you are interested in helping me again. Perhaps something more than some shiny coins, yes?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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