Quest:Bad Feeling, Worse Result

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Neutral 32 Bad Feeling, Worse Result
StartLin Family Scroll
EndQuest log
Experience471,000 XP
or 28Gold26Silver at Level 100
Rewards45Gold 60Silver
PreviousThe Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient
NextSecrets Lost, Forever?

Objectives Edit

Defeat the Ghost of Lin Da-Gu.

Description Edit

<As you open the scroll, you realize your worst fears have come true: the sha energies have corrupted the Lin recipe.>

<Your only choice is to defeat the released energies in the hope that the scroll can be saved.>

Rewards Edit

You will receive:

  • 471000 XP
  • 45Gold 60Silver

Notes Edit

  • After killing him, open your quest log to click complete on the quest.

Progression Edit

  1. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Noodle Secrets Long Forgotten
  2. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Lost Secret of the Secret Ingredient
  3. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Bad Feeling, Worse Result
  4. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Secrets Lost, Forever?
  5. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Catch and Carry
  6. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] Is That A Real Measurement?
  7. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] These Aren't Your Fatty Goatsteaks
  8. Neutral 15APB Skill Cooking [90] The Secret Ingredient Is...

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